What We Do

We’re changing the way you think about affordable housing, one brick at a time.

We started LDG because we believe, quite simply, that everybody deserves a quality place to live.

With over 25 years building affordable housing developments, we’ve seen that the benefits go so much further and deeper than any one individual.

Quality homes for people that help their communities thrive.

The communities may vary, but the results remain consistent:

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    We nurture economic growth by providing quality homes for the families, students, and workers that help a community thrive.

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    Children do better in school. Mental health issues go down. People can focus on what really matters instead of just trying to survive.

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    Many of the factors that create future crime, drug problems, and violence are actually eliminated.

Ready to support your community with a gorgeous new development?

Our properties support your community long after they’re built.

We never build and just walk away.

Instead, we screen potential residents and keep on top of maintenance so that each building is as beautiful 30 years down the line as it is the day it was built.

Our local property managers have a direct line to LDG’s leadership to help solve any issues they may be facing.

We collaborate with city leaders, financial partners, neighborhood organizations, local businesses, and housing agencies to make sure that each property is part of a thriving ecosystem that gives back to the community for years to come.

We provide residents with extra support:

•   Flu vaccinations

•   Computer courses

•   Financial planning seminars

•   Tutoring in school subjects

•   After-school activities for children

Why? Because, quite simply, we’re in this for the people.

Could your community benefit by establishing an affordable housing property?

Every community is different, but some truths remain the same.

Looking to the future

We’re always thinking about creating a better world for our kids. We use eco-friendly building materials and energy-efficient appliances for a greener tomorrow.

Developing careers

Our residents are the hard-working backbone of your community. Teachers, veterans, social workers, and retail professionals are the people we create homes for.


Vacancy Rate

down from 8% in 2009


Drop in affordable rental stock

between 2010 and 2016


Affordable units available

per 100 needed nationally


Inspiring education

Behavioral studies show children perform better at school when they have a safe and comfortable home to return to each night.

More than just housing

We build communities and foster relationships with social activities. Our residents enjoy movie nights, pool parties, and chili suppers on the regular.

The people bringing quality housing to the nation.

Chris Dischinger headshot

Chris Dischinger

Mark Lechner headshot

Mark Lechner


LDG Development focuses on energetic cities in neighborhoods where there is a growing need for affordable housing. The apartment communities we build thrive because we pick locations within walking distance of schools, parks, shopping centers, and nearby city transportation.

Every one of our projects is a long-term real estate deal for us. We believe apartment homes built with superior, sustainable products will yield a far greater return. Simply put, investing up front is money well spent.


Scott Brian

EVP/Development Director (TN/LA)
Chris Byrd Headshot

Chris Byrd

Development Director (GA/NC/SC/FL)

Michael Gross

Development Director (KY)

Justin Hartz

Executive Director of Development (TX/CO/Mid-America)

Portfolio Management/Shared Services

Lisa Becker

Executive Vice President of Finance
Danita Cheatham headshot

Danita Cheatham

Human Resource Director

Theresa Ebner

Director of Asset Management (Texas)
Yvette headshot

Yvette Gentry

Director of Resident and Community Safety

Eric Goodman

Director of Portfolio Finance

Brian Massey, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Bill Shircliff

Chief Operating Officer
Tim Tarrant headshot

Tim Tarrant

Vice President, Portfolio Strategy

Capital Markets

Melissa Bragg

Vice President of Capital Markets
Nick Chitwood photo

Nick Chitwood

Executive Vice President, Capital Markets


Nicole Maddox

General Counsel

Communications & Government Relations

Christi Lanier-Robinson

Executive Vice President, Communications, Government Relations, and Strategic Partnerships

Ready to launch a project?

Boost your local economy. Defeat shrinking affordability. Support those who matter most in your community.

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