How We've Helped

Stories of community growth and transformation.

Your local cafeteria worker, the rookie firefighters that keep you safe, your neighbor’s grandmother—these are the people we’re creating homes for.

As a result, we find tremendous growth within the communities after we touch them. Local businesses prosper, kids do better at school, and hard-working parents worry less about keeping their children safe. These are the metrics of our success.

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Featured Case Studies

While every one of our developments has a story to share, here is one that particularly shines. The benefits the neighborhoods have seen through affordable housing are inspiring. We hope you feel the same way.

Nashville, TN

The Paddock at Grandview

Affordable housing supporting the Nashville community

Nashville, Tennessee, is one of the country’s hottest cities. In fact, almost 100 people relocate...
Houston, TX

The Pointe at Crestmont

The Pointe at Crestmont

The Pointe at Crestmont is more than a place to live...

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