Leading Trade Publication identifies LDG Development as nation’s top Developer of Affordable Housing

(Louisville, Kentucky)—Louisville based LDG Development has been identified as the nation’s top developer of affordable housing by a leading online and print publication— Affordable Housing Finance magazine. The ranking is based on the number of units the firm started construction on in 2017. LDG began construction on 1,763 units last year and completed projects in Tennessee, Georgia and Louisiana. The firm is also strengthening its presence in other markets and expects many of these units to become available by the end of year.

“LDG was almost 25 years ago based on our belief that everyone deserves a quality place to live,” said Chris Dischinger and Mark Lechner, co-owners for LDG Development. “Over the years, this belief has been strengthened by the thousands of seniors and residents we’ve been fortunate enough to meet and who call one of our communities’ home. As we have grown and expanded into new areas, this belief will remain the foundation of our company and our work and will continue to define who we are as an organization.”

Affordable Housing Finance magazine is one of the industry’s leading publications. Each year, the publication identifies the nation’s top developers of multi-family developments based on the number of units the company began construction on during the prior year. In 2016, LDG began construction on 1,060 units and was ranked #4. Dischinger and Lechner believe the double-digit growth in construction starts last year that helped LDG to claim the top spot reflects the commitment and talent level of LDG employees.

“LDG is fortunate to have a talented and committed team who understands the importance of the work we do, and the power it has to transform and improve the lives of our residents,” said Dischinger and Lechner. “This understanding drives their work and they deserve much of the credit for the success our firm has achieved.”

LDG believes this growth trend will continue. To support its work, the company has beefed up its staffing and now has almost 35 employees who are working on numerous projects for families and seniors. Dischinger and Lechner say this on-going demand reflects the solid reputation LDG has established and the important role having a variety of affordable housing options plays in helping a city or community achieve its economic development goals.

“We are proud of the solid reputation we’ve built over the years and view each project as a long-term investment into improving and serving the communities in which we are located,” said Dischinger and Lechner. “Going forward, we remain committed to producing quality products that residents are proud to call home.”

About LDG Development
LDG Development has earned a spot on the magazine’s annual listing of top developers for several years. In 2015, the magazine ranked LDG #16 on its list of top developers for the industry. The company was founded in 1994 by Lechner and Dischinger. In addition to its headquarters in Louisville, the firm also has a regional office in Austin, Texas. Over the years, LDG has developed more than 8,000 units of affordable housing in 8 states. For more information please visit

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