LDG stimulates local commerce.

Every community development we build brings revenue for local contractors and partners. For every 100 units built, there are an average of 122 short-term contractors hired and 38 permanent positions created. LDG helps reverse a slowing economy and troubled job market. Plus, new residents bring additional revenue to local businesses when they move in.

LDG adds to the progressive landscape of the city.

With thoughtful design, quality eco-friendly materials and strategic planning we build dwellings that will sustain in style and durability for years to come.

LDG puts their heart in every development.

At the end of day, we care about our extended families – our renters. LDG works with every apartment management company to facilitate beneficial programs. We collaborate with local organizations to provide on-site health screenings for our seniors, flu-shots for families as well as after-school activities, such as tutoring. Social activities are plentiful– family movie nights in our cinema rooms, pool parties, chili suppers, and an entire schedule of events that gather our communities together.

Sustainability is the future.

LDG Development has a social conscience. We build long-term and durable construction with energy efficient appliances. Every new apartment community is receiving cutting-edge technology as we attempt to become greener in the world in which we share.

LDG has a solid track record with all of our partners.

Our goals could not be met without our city leaders, financial partners, neighborhood groups and housing agencies who provide us with tax credits needed to make our affordable housing communities a reality. Thank you!

Most importantly – LDG is building lives upward.

When families take pride in where they live – they stay and they thrive. Behavioral Studies continue to show that children perform better at school when they are proud of where they live. Single parents worry less about income after rent is due. It means active seniors can finally relax after a lifetime of work. Children can enjoy a safe environment to play, learn and grow.

We are LDG and we believe we are onto something.